Ecological Meditations

“Ecological Meditations” is a series of cultivations based upon mycelial culture. For each artwork, mushroom culture has been grown in a series of steps (from liquid culture, through innoculated grain, to growing medium in various forms: cardboard or straw in different shaped vessels) to create the final, perishable artwork. The entire process involves 3-6 months per artwork.

Ecological Meditations: Kit

Ecological Meditations: Ghosts

Ecological Meditations: Bloom

Ecological Meditations: Growth (in collaboration with artist Yevgeniya Kaganovich)

“Growth” is an ongoing collaboration with artist Yevgeniya Kaganovich. Kaganovich has created special mushroom grow bags from recycled plastic, which are then filled with growing medium and myceliated grain. Mushrooms fruit from the specially-designed portals in each bag.