Hall and Moline co-founded the Overpass Light Brigade in 2011, and in partnership with Joseph Brusky, have grown the organization to over 40 light brigade chapters across the US, and internationally. OLB is an open source framework for activism where citizens can take their voice into public space. OLB is a loose group of volunteers, falling somewhere between netroots activism, relational art, street theater, embodied poetry, and direct political action. Its intention is to build meaningful collaborations across communities as they help give visibility to progressive causes and voice to an increasingly disempowered citizenry.

Learn more about the Overpass Light Brigade at its dedicated website.

Celebration of Life (1-year anniversary of Sikh Temple Shooting), Oak Creek, WI


#SayHerName, Milwaukee, WI


No Toxic Water, No More Flints, Milwaukee, WI

Young, Gifted and Black Coalition march, Madison, WI

All Nations, under Tribal Nations Flag, Standing Rock, South Dakota

OLB on stage with Boots Riley and The Coup, and Chicago Light Brigade, Chicago, IL