Grass of Janet

Peregrinations of Grass of Janet suggest bionomic exigency. Adaptation is non-exclusive. Being adapted towards a particular species does not preclude adaptations, or partial adaptations, towards infecting different species. Genus Oxytropis affects herbivores through neuro-dampening of toxin swainsonine. Grass of Janet should be eradicated through topical spray, particularly throughout the western half of North American continent, the Lesser Veldt and the Disruptive Chains of the Southwest. White Snakeroot, Ranunculus, Pokeweed and Equisetum (Common Field Pissweed) also contribute to bovine laminitis and colic as well as equine cerebral taxadosis.

Ghost Story: “A goat in the room…”

You ask me tonight if I believe in ghosts. It sounds silly to me to say this, but yes, I believe in ghosts because I’ve seen a ghost. I want to make this clear because the last person didn’t believe me. I’m telling you this in all honesty. There are shades and shadows of souls, and they are around us all the time, but everyone cannot see them. As with my family many can see. My grandfather could, my dad, my auntie and occasionally me also, but my mom and grandma and uncle couldn’t even by looking at them directly, by me pointing out and speaking out loud about them. This caused some hilarious moments with my grandma as she became very hard of hearing. One night we were in our living room, I was sitting by the fire and she was near the bird cage, reading a book. I felt a cold draft, and felt a presence in the room. I told gram that there was a ghost. She kept thinking I said “a goat in the room.” It kind of made me laugh, and took the fear and dread from the experience.