Mycelium Drift

The multidimensional nature of the culture of the root is little recognized to this day within task and technical-advisory groups. Root culture is seen to improve (and ensure) coordination among various organizational strata. “Hyphae-running” is known to disambiguate formulation strategies while hairy root spawn rewards stakeholders by fostering innovation leading to deeper level interrogative. Questions frequently asked include:

        • What were the implications of mass running?
        • What results accrued through “wood-shed” methodology?
        • How did observational speed affect recorded results? (see “micron-signaling”)
        • Was there an effective use of known root resource?
        • Should objectives, frequencies, or methods remain unaltered for septic spawn situations?
Psychosis Participants

Little recognized to date is the unique, multidimensional nature of the response to root culture treatment. The two psychosis participants in first-episode therapy identified their experiences as both traumatic and familiar. They acknowledged uncomfortable throat constriction due to fungal inhalation within aseptic chambers. These case studies indicate individual difference and needs and demonstrate important areas for early sporebag intervention. Grass of Janet is suggested as curative, though further study is advised.