494 terms related to Marijuana

Ars Narcotica

A-bomb, Acapulco gold, Acapulco red, Ace, African black, African bush, African woodbine, Airhead, Airplane, Alice B. Toklas, Amp joint, Angola, Ashes, Assassin of Youth, Atom bomb, Atshitshi, Aunt Mary, B, B-40, Baby, Baby bhang, Bad seed, Bale, Bambalacha, Bammy, Banano, Bar, Bash, Basuco, Bazooka, Belyando spruce, Bhang, Bite one’s lips, Black, Black bart, Black ganga, Black gold, Black gungi, Black gunion, Black mo/black moat, Black mote, Blanket, Blast, Blast a joint, Blast a roach, Blast a stick, Block, Blonde, Blow, Blow a stick, Blow one’s roof, Blowing smoke, Blue de hue, Blue sage, Blue sky blond, Blunt, Bo-bo, Bobo bush, Bogart a joint, Bohd, Bomb, Bomber, Bone, Bong, Boo, Boom, Boot the gong, Brick, Broccoli, Brown, Bud, Buda, Budda, Buddha, Bullyon, Burrito, Burn one, Burnie, Bush, Butter, Butter flower Cam trip, Cambodian red/Cam red, Can, Canadian black, Canamo, Canappa, Cancelled stick, Cannabis tea, Carmabis, Cartucho, Catnip, Cavite all star, Charas, Charge, Chase, Cheeba, Cheeo, Cheroot, Chiba chiba, Chicago black, Chicago green, chillums, Chira, Christmas tree, Chronic, Churus, Citrol, Climb, Cochornis Cocktail, Cocoa puff, colas, Coli, Coliflor tostao, Colorado cocktail, Columbian, Columbus black, Cosa, Crack back, Crazy weed, Cripple, Crying weed, Cubes, Culican, Dagga, Dawamesk, Dew, Diambista, Dimba, Ding, Dinkie dow, Dirt grass, Ditch, Ditch weed, Djamba, Do a joint, Domestic, Don jem, Dona Juana, Dona Juanita, Doobie/dubbe/duby, Dope, Dope smoke, Doradilla, Draf weed, Drag weed, Dry high, Durog, Duros, Dust, Earth, El diablito, El diablo, Endo, Esra, Fallbrook redhair, Fatty, Feed bag, Fiend, Fine stuff, Finger, Fir, Fire it up, Fire up, Flower, Flower tops, Fly Mexican Airlines, Four twenty, Fraho/frajo, Frios, Fry daddy, Fu, Fuel, Fuma d’Angola, Funk, Funny stuff, Gage/gauge, Gange, Gangster, Ganja, Gash, Gasper, Gasper stick, Gauge butt, Geek, Get a gage up, Get high, Get on, Get the wind, Ghana, Ghanja, Giggle smoke, Giggle weed, Gimmie, Go loco, Gold, Gold star, Golden leaf, Gong, Good butt, Good giggles, Good stuff, Goof butt, Grass, Grass brownies, Grata, Green, Green goddess, Greeter, Grefa, Greta, Griefo, Grifa , Griff, Griffa, Griffo, Gungun, Gunga (see ganga), Gungeon, Gunja (see ganga), Gunney, Gunney sack, Gyve, Hanhich, Happy cigarette, Has, Hawaiin, Hay, Hay butt, Hemp, Herb, Herb and Al, Herba, Hit, Hit the hay, Hocus, Homegrown, Honey blunts, Hooch, hookah, Hooter, Hot stick, Hubbly bubbly, Indian boy, Indian hemp, Indiana ditchweed, Indian hay, Indo, Indonesian bud, J, Jane, Jay smoke, Jay, Jim Jones, Jive, Jive stick, Johnson grass, Joint, Jolly green, Joy smoke, Joy stick, Ju-ju, Juan Valdez, Juanita, Juice joint, Kali, Kaya, Kentucky blue, KGB (killer green bud), Kick stick, Kif, Kiff, Killer, Killer weed, Kilter, Kind, Kumba, L.L., Lace, Lakbay diva, Lamb’s bread, Laughing grass, Laughing weed, Leaf, Lid, Light stuff, Light up, Lima, Limbo, Lucas, Lumber, Little smoke, Llesca, Loaf, Lobo, Loco, Locoweed, Log, Love boat, Love weed, Lovelies, Lubage, M, M.J., M.O., M.U., Machinery, Macon, Magic smoke, Manhattan silver, Mari, Marley, Mary, Mary and Johnny, Mary Ann, Mary Jane, Mary Jonas, Mary Warner, Mary Weaver, Matchbox, Maui wauie, Meg, Megg, Meggie, Messorole, Mexican brown, Mexican red, Mighty mezz, Modams, Mohasky, Monte, Mooca, Moocah, Mooster, Moota, Mooters, Mootie, Mootos, Mor a grifa, Mota, Moto, Mother, Mow the grass, Muggie, Muggles, Munchies, Mutah, Mutha, Nail, Number, O.J., P.R. (Panama Red), Pack, Pack of rocks, Paca lolo, Pakalolo, Pakistani black, Panama cut, Panama gold, Panama red, Panatella, Paper blunts, Parker, Parsley, PCP, Pat, Peace weed, Phillies blunt, Picked up, Pin, Pinhead, Pipe, Pocket rocket, Pod, Poke, Pot, Potlikker, Pot liquor, Potten bush, P.R, Prescription, Pretendica, Pretendo, Primo, Puff the dragon, Queen Ann’s lace, Ragweed, Railroad weed, Rainy day woman, Rangood, Rasta weed, Red cross, Red dirt, Reefer, Righteous bush, Roach, Roach clip, Rockets, Root, Rope, Rose marie, Salt and pepper, Santa Marta, Sasfras, Scissors, Seeds, Sen, Sess, Sezz, Shake, Shlook, Shotgun, Siddi, Sinse, Sinsemilla, Skin, Skunk, Smoke, Smoke Canada, Snop, Spark it up, Speed boat, Spliff, Splim, Spring, Square mackerel, Squirrel, Stack, Steamboat, Stems, Stick, Sticks, Stink weed, Straw, Sugar weed, Supergrass, Super weed, Sweet Lucy, T, Taima, Taking on a number, Takkouri, Tea, Tea head, Tea party, Tex-mex, Texas pot, Texas tea, Thai sticks, Thirteen, Thumb, Tighten someone’s wig, Tijuana, TJ, Tin, Toke, Toke up, Torch, Torch up, Torpedo, Turbo, Twist, Twistum, Up against the stem, Vipe, Viper, Viper’s weed, Wac, Wacky weed, Wacky terbacky, Weed, Weed tea, Wheat, White-haired lady, Wollie, Woolah, Woolas, Woolies, Wooly blunts, X, Yeh, Yellow submarine, Yen pop, Yerba, Yerba mala, Yesca, Yesco, Zacatecas purple, Zambi, Zig Zag man, Zol, Zombie weed, Zooie, Zoom.