Polyfoam Landing

“We have no thought of falling incorrectly, away from commonsense, and no capacity to wonder at trifles” was our only thought while falling. Air insulators mitigated gravitation’s risk. “We fall from cloud-purge, a high building, a slight motion, into the slubby weave of Danish design.” Dark tuxedo legs of a benchmade chair welcome us with barrel arms curved in a warm hug, the clean tapered back broken only by our thoughts of landing.

Thoughts in flight:

    1) shut off gravity supply,
    2) remove wind memory,
    3) make chair much softer and larger,
    4) gently pull wings from wall outlets.

While falling we wonder, “why is language failing when we need it most?”
We are unable to speak or spell our last few words before landing.

The Buddha is not the Center

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