Psychosis Participants

Little recognized to date is the unique, multidimensional nature of the response to root culture treatment. The two psychosis participants in first-episode therapy identified their experiences as both traumatic and familiar. They acknowledged uncomfortable throat constriction due to fungal inhalation within aseptic chambers. These case studies indicate individual difference and needs and demonstrate important areas for early sporebag intervention. Grass of Janet is suggested as curative, though further study is advised.

Sporebag Intervention

Burrowers commonly inhabiting manure piles and rank decaying vegetation are sometimes seen tunneling through sand. Distinguishing features are a humped back, and a wild jerky run. Adults have large mouths with seven visible teeth, and females in estrus are known to lay live eggs in earthen jars. Such groupings are often cosmopolitan and are represented by 32 distinct soundings. Echolocation is suspected though not confirmed. The segmented body passes from head to posterior. Morphology could be casually described as small-large-large-small, and so on throughout sedimentary instars. Neighbors to burrowers are seen typically foraging in open spaces above vegetation, and are fast, agile fliers covering great distances and reaching considerable heights. After grouping, they communicate through hyphae networks within old compost, which are subsequently broken down into soggy, sodden masses, no longer suitable for signal stimulation. Care must be taken with incineration as spores are easily erupted from the sporebag.

Grass of Janet

Peregrinations of Grass of Janet suggest bionomic exigency. Adaptation is non-exclusive. Being adapted towards a particular species does not preclude adaptations, or partial adaptations, towards infecting different species. Genus Oxytropis affects herbivores through neuro-dampening of toxin swainsonine. Grass of Janet should be eradicated through topical spray, particularly throughout the western half of North American continent, the Lesser Veldt and the Disruptive Chains of the Southwest. White Snakeroot, Ranunculus, Pokeweed and Equisetum (Common Field Pissweed) also contribute to bovine laminitis and colic as well as equine cerebral taxadosis.

Scurt, Functionaire

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