A student of mine a while back created a conceptual book about contagion. It had beautiful and seemingly blank white pages and was bound in a deep black velvety paper binding. On each page was printed very subtle white-on-white imagery, almost imperceptible, which you had to carefully hold in order to view up close. What wasn’t evident through either sight or touch was that the black covers, front and back were impregnated with dirty black pigment. As you leafed through the white pages, you left the residue of your touch throughout the book. The object became an archive of its own use, a concrete illustration of the imperceptible virulence of contagion.

Spore Transmission

Hypha Networks Spawncast from Subterranean Spore Farms

Mycelium Drift

The multidimensional nature of the culture of the root is little recognized to this day within task and technical-advisory groups. Root culture is seen to improve (and ensure) coordination among various organizational strata. “Hyphae-running” is known to disambiguate formulation strategies while hairy root spawn rewards stakeholders by fostering innovation leading to deeper level interrogative. Questions frequently asked include:

        • What were the implications of mass running?
        • What results accrued through “wood-shed” methodology?
        • How did observational speed affect recorded results? (see “micron-signaling”)
        • Was there an effective use of known root resource?
        • Should objectives, frequencies, or methods remain unaltered for septic spawn situations?
Mycelium Running (N+7)


Dear Reader:    I hope in the name of The Hypha Network I have the very right person to assist me. I want to transfer spores for spawning in your basement/cellar and now I would like to make contact with people like you residing in your country for assistance. Note these spores are already in agar culture, which is sterile for safe growing. If you would like to assist me, this is all you have to do: you will help me contact the growers for the release of the spores to you as my next of kin, as I cannot travel out of my country at the moment because of certain conditions which I will explain to you if we work together (my incubation chambers are not yet sterile)…….    I await your prompt reply…                    Sincerely,   Dr. Pleurotis Agaricus

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