Scabby Lucy Tried Peeing Having Copulated Twenty Times*

Medicines such as Lunesta, Ambien and Sonata have been reported to cause sleepwalking, sleep-eating and acts of “sleep-sex.” Complex behaviors such as “sleep-driving” are increasingly common. Psychologists define this as “driving while not fully awake after ingestion of a sedative hypnotic, with no memory of the event.”

Two passing motorists reported seeing a man on top of a woman near a White Castle and called the police from their cell phones. When the police arrived, the woman, a known sleepwalker, was still asleep. Judge Fanon Rucker was told that the victim sleepwalked through the encounter. The man apprehended, a 52-year-old librarian, was charged with rape. “It goes to consent” said his lawyer. “How would my client know the alleged victim is sleepwalking? How is he to know that a ‘no’ means a waking NO, or that a sleepwalking ‘yes’ means a ‘real’ yes?”

*[forgotten mnemonic]

Grass of Janet

Peregrinations of Grass of Janet suggest bionomic exigency. Adaptation is non-exclusive. Being adapted towards a particular species does not preclude adaptations, or partial adaptations, towards infecting different species. Genus Oxytropis affects herbivores through neuro-dampening of toxin swainsonine. Grass of Janet should be eradicated through topical spray, particularly throughout the western half of North American continent, the Lesser Veldt and the Disruptive Chains of the Southwest. White Snakeroot, Ranunculus, Pokeweed and Equisetum (Common Field Pissweed) also contribute to bovine laminitis and colic as well as equine cerebral taxadosis.

Scurt, Functionaire

Flask of Fortification is the first page of the second, third and fourth brigade combat teams, the Fourth Infantry Division, a group of Special Atheist Forces, and a group of seventy ammunition holders, redlined “Boston Leather Couplers”. Usually excessive money is spent for improvement purposes of the respective battlefield brackets. The “Soldier Mother” had planned to withdraw after years of bootless omphalomancy, though children rushed to various animal mothers. Child Gordy testified at civil court that he understood the “glue of the penis” was an intended linguistic pun, though oil and hard friction were required modes of removal. Nurses disapprove of skin destruction, even while friction often intensifies at levels beyond 19.