Books lined the room, from floor to ceiling. We took them down, one by one, and built towers of books, taller than the room itself. We cut holes in the ceiling above and sorted them according to color, to size, to author’s name, to “books we liked” and “books we resented.”

The Treachery of Images, Animated

They searched for pictures throughout Canadian lands, traveled in winds and rains to find them, carried their ladders, screens and optical pods from Minnesota to the Northern Shield.

Today: List What Bothers Me
1)   Losing a close friend
2)   Witnessing an injustice
3)   A high-fever
4)   Junk-mail
5)   Incompetence machines
6)   Fruit flies in my nostril
7)   Cruelty to ants
Scabby Lucy Tried Peeing Having Copulated Twenty Times*

Medicines such as Lunesta, Ambien and Sonata have been reported to cause sleepwalking, sleep-eating and acts of “sleep-sex.” Complex behaviors such as “sleep-driving” are increasingly common. Psychologists define this as “driving while not fully awake after ingestion of a sedative hypnotic, with no memory of the event.”

Two passing motorists reported seeing a man on top of a woman near a White Castle and called the police from their cell phones. When the police arrived, the woman, a known sleepwalker, was still asleep. Judge Fanon Rucker was told that the victim sleepwalked through the encounter. The man apprehended, a 52-year-old librarian, was charged with rape. “It goes to consent” said his lawyer. “How would my client know the alleged victim is sleepwalking? How is he to know that a ‘no’ means a waking NO, or that a sleepwalking ‘yes’ means a ‘real’ yes?”

*[forgotten mnemonic]

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