Wind Elements and the Fallibility of Smoke

Mikolajczyk’s argument regarding Ancilla’s Debts went thusly:

“Her main enemy, she came to realize, was the unreliability of vapor. The four noumenal realms were never mineral, vegetable, animal and human as suggested by common consent, but matter in stasis, matter in action, matter in flux, and matter in decay. When she lost face at the Bureau, she was left only with her own silence and attentiveness. Through fine attunement towards projected energies, she was led to realize that misremembered silences resulted in temporal imbalances of world-noise, requiring rebalancing of primary elements – wind, smoke, water and light. Such considerations led to her significant quantification of Ancilla’s Law, that is, all economic transactions within defined realms (see “loci of consciousness”) may be reduced to: 1) the generation of water, 2) the fallibility of smoke, 3) the purity of grain, 4) the storage of wind.”